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About us

Executive ESG was created in 2022 when our Founder and Managing Director, Sophie Webb recognised a crucial gap within the market – the need for ESG and Sustainability reporting and integration services. It was evident that businesses sought pragmatic, service-focused partners who could not only provide guidance but also evolve alongside them, assuming the role of trusted ESG business advisors.

From that moment in 2022, Executive ESG has evolved as a dynamic force. We've had the privilege of collaborating with public and private, small to mid-cap companies across various sectors – renewables, mining, engineering, agriculture, and health. Our journey has been about more than just assisting; it's been about co-creating strategies that amplify sustainability while driving business growth.

From inception the Executive ESG team has been growing – a diverse group of professionals with experience and knowledge from a varied range of sectors. Our diverse skills and backgrounds enables us to approach ESG from multifaceted perspectives, providing holistic solutions that resonate with each client's unique approach.

What we do

Navigating the complex world of sustainability, climate and ESG reporting can be overwhelming. Our specialists simplify the process, helping you gather, analyse, and disclose data that aligns with various international reporting frameworks. From GRI, SASB, ISSB to TCFD and beyond, we ensure your disclosures stand out for their accuracy and transparency.

Sustainability and ESG isn't just about reporting; it's about making lasting change. We work closely with your teams to integrate sustainability anD ESG principles into your core business operations. Whether it's supply chain optimisation, diversity and inclusion initiatives, or energy efficiency improvements, we help you turn aspirations into actionable strategies.

At Executive ESG, we believe sustainability can be a driving force for positive change. Our approach goes beyond mere compliance, focusing on transforming responsible practices into a strategic advantage. By conducting thorough assessments, fostering stakeholder engagement, and analysing material impacts, we pinpoint the sustainability and ESG factors that align with your business's core values. Our aim is to assist you in harnessing these factors to drive innovation and long-term success.

Our team

The ESG landscape is intricate, marked by evolving regulations, diverse stakeholder expectations, and industry dynamics. Our team thrives in this complexity, offering clarity and guidance. We decode ESG data, identify material topics, and devise practical plans that pave the way for meaningful progress.

Our team isn't just committed to your success; we're committed to our shared vision of a sustainable future. With each project, we contribute to shaping a world where businesses thrive responsibly, stakeholders are engaged, and societal and environmental impacts are positive.

At Executive ESG, our team is more than a group of consultants; we're partners in your journey toward sustainability and success. Connect with us to discover how our diverse team of experts can help you navigate the ESG landscape, craft strategies, and create a lasting impact. Together, we're driving the change that matters.

How can we help?

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